Lacoste is one of the oldest French brands. To stay on top of the social media game – which is vital to the digital generation – Lacoste’s Internal Digital Communications & Social Media Manager, Constance Smith, has to try, test and, above all, innovate. The BEAST team met with the Frenchwoman right after her inspiring ICT Spring Europe speech, last May in Luxembourg.

What role does digital marketing play at Lacoste?

Digital Marketing plays a very important role at Lacoste. First of all, we use Digital and particularly Digital Content to continue to anchor our brand and its promise, Life is a Beautiful Sport. Digital helps us interact with our consumers. Therefore, we have developed a consumer centric approach when it comes to both digital and social. Unique and inspiring content, such as storytelling, plays a big part in this digital strategy and helps engaging the consumers. We are now able to use the power of digital in the retail environment to have an impact on our consumers and grow internationally.

Lacoste maintains a strong presence on the web and social media. What are your objectives with this strategy?

The brand has 3 key objectives in terms of social media. First of all, we use social media to inspire consumers and fans by exploiting the content that we leverage on our different platforms. It needs to be carefully targeted as it has to inspire different communities. We also use these platforms to directly interact with our consumers on all the different touch points on multiple channels such as Pinterest, Tumblr, Facebook and Instagram. The consumer is able to talk to his favorite brand. Finally, we use social media to innovate, test and learn. Over the years, Lacoste has proven to be a leader and a unique digital pioneer.


What is your view on Social Commerce? In your opinion which platform is the most suited for this kind of purchasing?

Ironically, I think that Instagram is very interesting in terms of social commerce. We all know that one image is worth a thousand words, and today, one image is actually worth a thousand clicks. As a matter of fact, visual media and visual imagery is a faster and more effective way to communicate and also inspires emotion and action. To me, Instagram has the potential to become the first platform to unleash the immense potential of social commerce. A number of studies have already shown that brands can improve their conversion rate by around 7%, by using this user generated content on Instagram.

During your presentation at ICT Spring Europe, you listed the best reasons to invest in social and digital content. Could you tell us a bit more?

There is a large number of reasons to definitively adopt a strong and consistent digital social strategy. Brands have to believe in the power of social media. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook give brands an incredible reach. Social media are also great in terms of brand building; we have seen it with Instagram lately. To reach a bigger scale, Facebook is still number one. A third advantage is that social media helps with brand engagement: brands can interact with their consumers. The focus is really put on exchange and on what fans desire. In this respect, another platform to consider in the very next future is SnapChat. As a matter of fact, having a social media strategy favors innovation: brands need to test and learn. Brands can take calculated risks and then progressively optimize their digital and social media strategy.